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 INDRAHAR PASS is located in the Himalayas, it falls within Dhauladhar range of the mountains. Stalling at a height of 4,342 meters above the sea level in the state of Himachal Pradesh, it is one of the most thrilling treks of India. It is nearby a very famous tourist town called Dharamshala. This pass stands between the borders of Chamba and Kangra districts.


The most comfortable part of the year to visit this place is between May till October. The weather is very pleasant all this time and it is best to avoid trekking on these mountains during the rainy season. There is heavy snowfall during the peak winter months and thus the trail is closed off. The temperature varies between 12-20 degrees mostly during the day and -2 to 6 degrees throughout the night. It is quite comfortable between September and October with little snowfall.


  1. TRINUD HILLS- This is the peak of a hill covered in meadows that has the perfect views to offer. Watch and get lost in the valleys surrounding it. If you visit the pass do not miss this spot.
  2. TIBETIAN MUSEUM – You need to visit this place right at the beginning of your trek and this is one of the best places in McLeod Ganj that you must visit at least once. This place will provide you with valuable knowledge about Tibetan traditions and culture. You are going to enjoy visiting this place if you are interested in History.
  3. BHAGSU WATERFALLS – This waterfall is called so after the Village called Bhagsu that falls on the way to the pass. However, you have to take a bit of detour in order to explore this picturesque waterfall. You may also hear about a Shiva Temple nearby. Take a look in here too and have a refreshing bath in a stream nearby.
  4. KARELI LAKE – This is the place with most beautiful views that you cross on your way to the Pass. While you are here, look out for the migratory birds that visit this lake every year. You might spot them here and it will be worth it.
  5. JWALA DEVI TEMPLE – This is one of the highly revered 52 famous Shakti Peeth Temples. This temple situates itself in the lap of the serene natural beauty. This temple is isolated from people.


The trek begins from Mcleodganj and the distance to be covered is 35 kms. It takes almost 7 to 9 days in total to complete the trek.



Preferably start you trekking from Mcleodganj a popular small town nearby. You can dedicate one day roaming about this town.

Trekkers usually begin the following day with a tiring but thrilling trek of 10 kms till Triund covering Dharamkot. Enjoy the night in the forest of Triund and star gaze all night in your tent.

Next day, have a hearty breakfast and keep your next stop as Lahesh Cave. The way to the cave will make you cross several small bridges and grounds covered in green grasses and beautiful wildflowers. You will also pass through forests of gigantic Oak trees and Meadows of coniferous vegetation. Fix your tent for the day and relax for the day.

Next day, you will step on the snowfields of Indrahar Pass trek. There is going to be some problems for you to trek for the following 300 to 400 meters. But keep in mind when you climb to the peak of the mountain you will see the most amazing view of the Mani Mahesh Kailash and Pir Panjal peak.

The next location where you can put up your tent could be in Chatru Parao.


Indrahar is the best and perfect mixture of the traditions and landscapes of Himachal Pradesh.

The wide-ranging altitudes of these trek allows you to see the best views of many forests. It also lets you to know few tribal cultures of the region. The trail also has of several high climbs and difficult steps. You will get to view the lakes of Kareri and Mankaini.

The closest airport to Indrahar pass trek is Kangra Airport situated at Dharamshala.

The nearest railway station is the Amb Andura Railway Station.

So, if you are also amazed by the mountains and snow trails, this is one of the most amazing treks that India has for you. So, pack your luggage, get ready to do some struggle but surely it will be worth it when you reach your final destination. If you are a traveler who also loves trekking this place is a must for you.