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Essay On Hurricane Katrina

We all know that the force of nature is way stronger and incomprehensible for any country or nation. It’s too powerful than concrete buildings and can wreak havoc on the infrastructure created for development. Similarly, hurricanes are the worst type of natural disaster that can disrupt our daily life and anything that is included in it.

Descriptive Essay On Hurricane Katrina 

Hurricane Katrina is an absolutely perfect example of catastrophe in the United States Of America. To this day this holds a record for the most costly damages in American history.

Hurricane Katrina has been the focus of many essay writers

More than eighteen hundred people have lost their lives due to the devastating effects of this natural disaster. Additionally, it was generated in the Gulf of Mexico and historically the areas surrounding the gulf are southern American states.

The state of Louisiana and Mississippi has suffered from its hand at almost 80%. The rest of its effects and some small percentages played role in eastern Texas and Western Florida.

Starting a descriptive essay about hurricane Katrina is quite difficult as I get to go through that horrifying pain again. I was only twenty years old when this happened. 

A quiet August night of 23rd august in New Orleans of 2005 when a low-level wind was rushing towards the city. On the first day, it was only categorized as a storm and has zero damage forecast.

I was having Jack Daniel whiskey at Bourban Street when it was given a category 3 warning level. A sudden storm ripped through the area causing breakage of windows surrounding the bar.

We all rush to the nearest areas but torrential rain caused massive floods in the street. After a few hours of waiting, the street was filled with two to three feet of water causing disruption in transport movement.

Help From Local Disaster Management:

While we were expecting some help from local disaster management, the storm was growing up by many folds. The news channel was reporting devastation in many areas of New Orleans.

Even the news channel transmission was shut down due to unavailability of the electricity. I along with other people take refuge on the first floor of the bar. The entire french quarter was under flood. 

Bicycles and motorbikes were submerged or pulled away by strong water flow. Even the cars parked outside the bar were totally gone and hard to see the roofs of some vehicles.

Before the electricity outages, the last news I heard was that Florida is also affected by this storm. I was fearing for my life as I know that I have no place to go. This feeling brought the worst panic in me and causes me to shiver. 

When we all thought that it was a safe place, the roof of the bar started leaking with rainy water. We all were soaking wet and finding temporary fixes to the roof. The entire bar’s lounge was underwater and the liquor bottles were floating in the flood water.

The terrible sound of thunder was deafening our ears like the sound of explosions. For many days we were stranded in the bar with nothing to eat except a pack or two of lays and some soda drinks available in the pantry on the upper floor.

While we were only twenty-four people who got stranded in one bar, others were also taking refuge either in a burger joint or restaurant, or gas station. The feeling I had was like at any moment I might die either by drowning in flood water or from starvation.

Trembling With Fear:

We spent almost one week there before we were rescued. Still, whenever I think about it I start trembling with fear. When we get out of the flood we were still in shock.

Every day I spent in the bar to save myself from the flooded streets and rain is like a fight and a constant reminder to myself to keep hanging on to hope. If I lose hope that day I might not be here.

Finding the right words for a perfect essay writing is as hard as trying to find the hope of living on the day when Hurricane Katrina unleashed hell upon us.

The hurricane left nothing in its way except rubbles of houses like litter on the street. The crying of the people is still echoing in my ears. When I was evacuated by national guards they told me that my courage has kept me alive. 

Writing these words makes my heart so sad and brings out the tears involuntarily. It reminds me of the day when I almost tasted death. How hard is keep fighting to hang on to life? I learn this lesson when I was stuck in Hurricane Katrina and spent an entire week looking for help.

This topic has become an assignment writing help for me to find my way back to the real world just as it did in 2005. I have lost my uncle and aunt in this flood. His house came crashing down on him and his wife, killing both on the spot. 

Hurricane Katrina was a big tragedy and has cost United States Government almost $125 billion in infrastructure and insurance damage claims. It’s still the third most devastating hurricane in American history.


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