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How To Draw a Hammerhead Shark

How to draw a hammerhead shark

Draw a hammerhead shark in just six easy steps! Many species of sharks roam the waters of our oceans. Some are small, huge and intimidating, with unique colours, features, and personalities. You may also learn many things cartoon drawing, scary drawing, pencil drawing, cool things to draw, easy drawing for kids, scary drawing, creative drawing, and flower drawing.

There are many interesting sharks, but the hammerhead is the most unusual. With such a unique appearance, this shark appears in many works of art and images, and learning how to draw a hammerhead is a great way to create one yourself.

How to draw a hammerhead shark – allow’s acquire begun!

Stage 1

The hammerhead shark’s head is curved in a boomerang. You can use a curved line for the front of the head and then add inward curving lines for the sides where the eyes would go. You can do your best to copy the lines from our reference image to be accurate! Once you’ve outlined the head, you can use a curved line that runs near the centre of the head and leads to a pointed dorsal fin on the shark’s back. Then we’ll move on to the shark’s body in the next step.

Step 2: You can draw some of the shark’s fins next.

Before we draw these pectoral fins, we’ll add a curved line inside the shark’s head, near the right side of the head. Then once you’ve drawn that line, we’ll draw those pectoral fins we mentioned earlier. To do this, draw a curved line on the shark’s body from the right side with a blunt tip. Next, we will add another fin on the left side of the shark. Due to perspective, this fin will appear much smaller than the other.

Step 3: Remove some additional of the shark’s body.

First, draw a small curved line that runs backwards from the bottom of the dorsal fin to the top of the shark. Then draw another longer curved line back from the pectoral fin on the right side of the shark. These lines should get closer as you go back to thin out the body as you get closer to the tail.

Step 4: Now finish drawing the hammerhead shark’s tail.

The tail will be quite thin, and you can position it to connect to the body part you drew in the previous step. The tail will also have several small protruding fins, as shown in the reference image. Before continuing, you can add some extra small fins to the right side of the shark’s body. Once you’ve completed the outline, we can move on to some final details in the next step!

Step 5: Finish Your Hammerhead Shark Drawing

You can start by drawing a small eye at the end of the face, on the side of the “hammer” part. You can then add several small curved lines down the side of the body for the shark’s gills. Finally, add some curved lines inside the shark’s body for a more precise definition of the shark. If you want to personalize this design even more, you can do something fun, like draw a background with even more awesome sea creatures to go along with it.

Step 6: Finish your hammerhead shark drawing with some colour.

You can use similar colours for your design, but this is your chance to show creativity! Hammerhead sharks can come in different colours, but you can also use more stylized colours if you want a more vibrant image. What approach do you plan to take to complete this picture? Three more tips to make drawing a hammerhead shark easier! Dive into these three tips for your hammerhead shark sketch that will make it even easier! For this drawing of a hammerhead shark, we tried to make it quite detailed and realistic. If you’re having trouble with the design or prefer a different style, you can adapt it to a different art style.

Your hammerhead shark drawing is complete!

This guide on drawing a hammerhead shark is about recreating this unique and wonderful creature! We hope this guide has helped you navigate through all the finer points easily so you can focus on the fun and creativity of drawing. Then, when you’re done with that image, you can create a unique variation by adding a few more details and touches. Draw a background and add other Mari creatures.