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Evoke Flooring Polished Vinyl 2022 Home Flooring Pros

Welcome to our Evoke flooring overview, and this week you’ll be getting two for one deals as we take a look at both Evoke Laminate and Evoke Vinyl. Evoke Flooring was founded in 2009 and is a subsidiary of Canadian flooring company Metropolitan. Evoke manufactures and distributes wood and vinyl flooring throughout Canada and the United States.

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Invoke wooden floors

Let’s start our Evoke laminate flooring report by taking a look at the options and styles available.

Evoke Flooring Laminate Stylish And Combinations.

Evoke laminate has a reputation for pioneering design, offering a more modern approach compared to classic brands like Pergo and Mohawk. You’ll find deep wood grain, milled barnwood and fine mahogany among its color choices.

The Promenade, Heritage, and Au Naturel laminate flooring families are offered by Evoke.

Promenade Group

Features: Elegant, smooth, swirl wood grain with polished or matte surfaces. complicated.

There are several different styles of dresses: Ethel, Lottie, Fergie, Noah, Archie, Barbara, Paula, etc.

Installation method: drop and close, a separate base layer is required.

Abrasion class: AC4, suitable for any light residential or commercial floor.

Air Quality Certificates: TSCA Title VI Compliant; Compliant with CA Section 01350; Some have Greenguard Gold.

Pattern Repeat: 12 inches

Warranty: Residential Limited Lifetime; 3 years light commercial

Heritage group

Features: Barnwood is hollowed out, wood-grained, some deeply chiseled or grooved; Handscraped options. Names such as George, Mason, Edward, and Martin are examples of style names.

Installation method: corner and lock with attached foundation laying.

Abrasion Class: AC3 – Best for residential but ok for light commercial spaces.

Air Quality Certificates: TSCA Title VI Compliant; Compliant with CA Section 01350; Greenguard Gold.

Pattern repeat: 9 or 12 inches as the board rotates.

Warranty: Residential Limited Lifetime; 3 years light commercial

Au Naturel Collection

Features: original wood grain shape, knot, quarter-saw shape and plain saw; Rustic charm.

Fashion names: Adele, Betsy, Blake, Michelle, among others.

Installation method: drop and close, a separate base layer is required.

Abrasion class: AC4

Air Quality Certificates: TSCA Title VI Compliant; Compliant with CA Section 01350

Pattern Repeat: 9-12 inches.

Warranty: Residential Limited Lifetime; 3 years light commercial

Install Of Evoke Flooring Laminate

Can You Install Your Own Evoke Sheets? yes! Evoke is one of the few flooring manufacturers to encourage DIY homeowners with their flooring projects. They market the easy-to-install nature of the laminate as a feature and provide comprehensive instructions on how to properly install their product. Stick to the guides, and the floor will look great and work as it should.

Au Naturel and Promenade products are installed using a drop-and-click system and must be installed over a separate substrate. Heritage products use angle and click installation method, which is a little difficult to master. The advantage of Heritage products is that they come with the bottom layer already attached.

With any installation method, one of the keys to success is leveling the subfloor before beginning the installation. The basement should not rise more than 1/8 inch above 8 feet.

Where can you install Evoke Flooring sheets?

The core of Evoke laminate flooring is made of HDF, or High Density Fiber. These composite fibers are made of wood, which makes them susceptible to water damage. Laminate is not a great choice for bathrooms, mudrooms, or other places that see a lot of water. If you’re committed to using a steam mop in your kitchen, you’ll definitely want to steer clear of wood floors.

Evoke laminate is safe to use at radiant temperature. The manufacturer recommends using laminate only in areas of up to 30″ by 30″ square.

EVOKE laminate cost

Evoke laminate prices range from $2.09 to $3.19 per square foot, similar to the Pergo XP or Pergo Outlast

As you will see from our laminate price comparison table, Evoke laminate is in the mid-price range.

EVOKE Vinyl Flooring

Now let’s turn our attention to the vaguely named Evoke luxury vinyl and composite flooring

What is the essence of EVOKE VINYL?

“VCC” is an unfamiliar acronym for many homeowners, and even some individuals who work in the flooring industry. Short for Vinyl Composite Core, VCC is Evoke’s unique product that falls somewhere in between premium polished vinyl tiles.

In fact, the Evoke VCC is basically another of the new EVP decks (short for Engineered Vinyl Plank). EVP, Rigid Core and now Vinyl Composite Core are all names for the same thing…a premium vinyl plank with a WPC or SPC inner core that makes the floor waterproof and more stable. Read our EVP Flooring Overview for more information.

VCC has a vinyl-wood (WPC) or stone (SPC) composite core, depending on the model. It is installed using the click-lock system. Although it is not scratch-resistant, it does resist scuffs or scratches from pet nails.

EVOKE VCC Styles and Sets

Evoke follows the same method for classifying the VCC that she developed with her sheets: choose a family name, then fill it with human-name patterns. You can bring Judd, Heath, or Mila home to slap the concrete. Dust on Barbara in your entryway, drip tomato soup on Angelica in your kitchen, and watch how Beverly endures the rigors of the playroom.

The six families of Evoke VCC have been called Vital, Vivid, Bridge, Runway, Vigor and their latest line is Spark. We’ve categorized them by similar features in the summary below.

lively and lively

Pattern and surface: embossed wood grain

Fashion names: Brooke, Zach, Lain, Bill, Holt, Reece, Dot, among others.

wear layer: vitality – 12 ml; live – 20 ml

Installation method: Click with the attached bottom layer

Base type: WPC – Wood polymer compound best for non-humid areas.

Air Quality Certificates: TSCA Title VI Compliant; Greenguard Gold.

Warranty: Residential Limited Lifetime. Vitality – 8 light commercial years; Vital – Light commercial for 12 years.

Spark and Bridge

Pattern and surface: expressive embossed wood. Some bridge styles have a UV protective finish.

Style names: Hugo, Erica, Mavis, Tabitha, Pam and others.

Clothes layer: 12 mil.

Installation method: Click with the attached bottom layer.

Core type: SPC – polymer stone / plastic core.

Air Quality Certificates: TSCA Title VI Compliant; Greenguard Gold.

Warranty: Residential Limited Lifetime; 8 years light business.

Vigor and Runway.

A wide range of patterns and shades can be found on the surface. Runway has a UV protective finish.

Style names: Jess, Faye, Lance, Baxter, Joan, Tyra, among others.

Clothes layer: 20 ml.

Installation method: Click with the attached bottom layer.

Basic Type: SPC

Air Quality Certificates: TSCA Title VI Compliant; Greenguard Gold.

Warranty: Residential Limited Lifetime; 12 year light commercial

Evoke vinyl installation

Evoke designs its VCC with three different mounting methods: stick, click and quick. These refer to adhesive floors versus two different locking systems.

The neat feature of Evoke products is that the panels can be rotated 180 degrees and they will still click together. Some styles have panels of various widths and lengths, and some can be installed in a herringbone pattern. These options allow you to design a unique floor with maximum creative flexibility.

Where can you install EVOKE VCC?

Pick a font with a stone/plastic core like Spark or Runway and you’re ready to put it anywhere – even the basement. SPC cores are completely waterproof, making VCC a great choice for kitchens, bathrooms, and entryways.

It is inevitable that vinyl floors will expand and contract with the weather. If you’re using a VCC in a seasonal home that spends part of the year without heating or air conditioning, choose a floating system rather than a glue-down system, and allow enough room for expansion—about ¼” on all walls.

VCC can be safely installed on a variety of subfloors, from OSB to concrete. Make sure your basement is completely smooth. Inconsistencies will “telegraph” or appear through the flexible vinyl. Rough spots or burrs in the basement will cause rips or holes with wear.

Pros and Cons of EVOKE Flooring

Now that we’ve looked at Evoke laminated and vinyl floors separately, let’s take an overview of the pros and cons of Evoke flooring.

You may find doubts about the quality of Evoke laminate and vinyl among flooring professionals who are not familiar with the brand. But our research gives us confidence that although it lacks the bells and whistles, Evoke is quality residential flooring that is well worth the price. Excellent guarantees.


  • Bold and creative wood grain patterns.
  • High print pattern repeat rate (12-15 panels in many patterns) for a finished floor full of character.
  • Sturdy build worthy of the market.
  • All products are certified for indoor air quality.
  • Manufacturers accept DIY fixtures for warranty purposes more than competitors.
  • The website includes an extensive catalog with high quality images and visualizers in your room.


There is a possibility that flooring professionals are unfamiliar with the brand.

Evoke is only available through authorized dealers, not in supermarkets or online. You must fill out a form on the Evoke website and wait for a dealer in your area – if there is one – to contact you.

Cleaning and maintenance

Both laminate and VCC floors require similar care and attention to keep them looking their best. Steer clear of heavy vacuums or steam mops and instead use a personal touch to clean up spills as they occur with a dry or slightly damp cloth.

If you. Need a. Deeper clean. Evoke recommends. Kentwood Floor. Therapy spray. Which is. Made by sister company, Kentwood Hardwood Flooring.

Evoke floors.  Are. Built. With high-quality finishes that resist scratches and smudges, so there’s no need to use abrasive products. The Evoke Manual specifically warns against using waxes, oils, soaps, and household cleaners on their floors.

Vinyl flooring is soft underfoot, but this also makes it susceptible to impacts from pet nails or furniture. Use coasters on furniture. Lifting heavy objects rather than moving them.

You can place mats in high traffic areas to preserve the floor. Leave your guests’ shoes at the door or ask them to clean them before entering.